Figma or ProtoPie

Which of these high-end Prototype UI tools do Bait recommend? Figma or ProtoPie? Well, it depends on your project. For a simple and short deadline project, good collaboration and an insane amount of plug-ins – Figma. For an advanced and super realistic prototype (of ANY kind) – ProtoPie. It is FAR superior with its clean…

A living ad

Chistmas, a few years ago, it was decided to create a living ad in the center of Stockholm. En entire subway cart was to be transformed into a home, to demonstrate how far it can burn down in only 3 minutes.

What a UX rapport contains

The ultimate answer to a very common question. So, what are the absolute dos and don’ts of a UX report? How long should it be? How detailed? How much text versus illustrations? As you might suspect, you will get many different answers to this question. Some good and some bad – but ALWAYS different. Although…


After almost 30 years, Bait’s graphic designers have naturally worked with the vast majority of styles of graphics, from matte painting and traditional photorealistic illustration, to manga and characters/settings for gaming.

Your Daily Escape

One of our AD’s specialties is matte painting. A technique that is basically there to create photorealistic backgrounds and foregrounds for film. However, the technique can also be used to create heavy poster graphics, something Bait has made itself known for the last 30 years.